The house Cifonelli besides its passion for ateliers, is above all impassioned by the craft sector. This sensibility is explained by the importance granted to the care brought to every room hand-made piece. This atrait of the excellence pushed to its maximum led the house Cifonelli to conceive its first one collection of silverware and more particularly jewelry.

The house Cifonelli knew how to surround itself with Spanish craftsmen as high as its heritage to develop its collection around the current of the decorative arts, our main inspiration. Indeed, the decorative arts in SPAIN remain little known, but the Spanish silverware formerly decorated all the tables of the European royal houses.

The accuracy applied to every element reflects the importance of the craft sector, which was now abandoned to give way to the industrial or mechanical productions. Yet within the house Cifonelli the craftmanship remains essential and our main asset. That is why our presented pieces knew refleter this touch of handmade and not the perfection of the mechanized production. Indeed, while holding one Cifonelli jewels you can feel the quality of our famous shoulder retraced in a cufflink.

As it was the case several decades ago, the man as well as the woman were decorated with jewels. The man tends today to return to this trend. The collection of jewels suggested by Cifonelli knew how to sublimate every gentleman by proposing typically male pieces such as cufflinks, chains or still cigarette cases.

Our cufflinks represent perfectly the movement of the decorative arts with a will to return to the traditional values while associating to rigour due to the accuracy of the artisans and the perusal of the forms, notably by twists created to interlace both "C", symbol of the house Cifonelli.

On the other hand, cufflinks in the shape of buttons, are only calling reminding the initial utility of jewels. Our collection aims to be thus simple but strictly worked.

Besides, any object of the decorative arts has to be comfortable and easy of use, where from our fastidious work concerning the unique clasp of our cufflinks, where from the biggest French brands stopped offering nowadays. It is thus a return in the classicism with it forced by the modernity while preserving the luxurious and noble materials of the decorative arts.