If the shape of Cifonelli Couture suit is the expression of a savoir-faire passed on for more than 130 years, it is mainly the realization of a narrow link between the tailor and his customer.

Not less than three fittings and 80 hours of handwork are necessary for the elaboration of a Couture suit. The magic takes shape in the Maison’s lair, in the heart of the Parisian workshop where about 40 workers are immortalizing a lot of technical stages, always in the respect for the tradition.

Availability, listening and patience will allow Massimo and Lorenzo to perfectly manage each customer’s request, of course respecting an essential discretion. The brought advices are constantly insuring comfort and shape in order to let each custumer offering the best of himself.

Cifonelli is travelling around the world for his customers. Especially to New York, London, Moscow, Geneva, Tokyo… For any enquiry or bespoke appointment, please feel free to contact us :