Maison Cifonelli

Behind closed doors – tucked away in a special and serene corner of Paris – more than forty expert craftsmen arrive each day to our famous atelier at 31 rue Marbeuf. Over the year, they will produce a few hundred of the most desired bespoke suits and garments in the world.

Audacious Artistry… Since 1880

Welcome to Maison Cifonelli: a lineage of family tradition and values passed from one generation to the next. Even today, clients will be met personally by the current generation, Massimo and Lorenzo.
The story begins in 1880, when great-grandfather Giuseppe Cifonelli opened our very first atelier in Rome. In those days, the streets of the Città Eterna were crowded with men dressed in elegant bespoke tailoring.
Eventually, Giuseppe’s son Arturo – one of history’s most highly-regarded craftsmen – had the ambition to share the Cifonelli name beyond Italy. While training at the prestigious Minister’s Cutting Academy in London, he forged the basis for the unmatched technical magic that would define the Maison from his stewardship to modern times. To this day, we preserve his academic degree at our atelier.

In 1926, Arturo relocated to Paris. Starting on the rue de Courcelles, he finally settled in 1936 at rue Marbeuf, which has remained our home ever since. In the heart of the French capital’s ‘Golden Triangle’, Maison Cifonelli flourished, owing to a clever mix of British technique, Italian flair, and French finishing. Over time, Arturo established Cifonelli’s reputation for excellence, drawing in a clientele of high-profile politicians and artists — many of whom collected our suits.
Arturo was said to be ‘uncompromising’ in his pursuit for perfection, being both admired and feared by his loyal craftsmen. While observing a jacket before sending it to the client, his workers would pray he didn’t snip through the fabric with his scissors — a symbolic demand that they start over.
When Arturo passed in 1972, his son Adriano took over the family business continuing his father’s legacy up to the end of the last decade. During this period, Cifonelli was being discussed outside of classic elite circles, and the iconic couture house Hermès partnered with us to produce its exclusive bespoke line: Hermès by Cifonelli from 1992 to 2007.
Over the years, many famous clients have wandered through our doors: Lino Ventura, Marcello Mastroianni, Cary Grant, Charlton Heston, Fred Astaire, and the French President himself, François Mitterand (whose collection of Cifonelli tailoring was auctioned off at Drouot) are just a few. The story continues with Massimo and Lorenzo, who bring their sense of audacious artistry into the current chapter of l’histoire Cifonelli.

Technical Magic

Each stitch of Cifonelli’s tailoring is in constant evolution. With a healthy balance of research and intuition, Massimo and Lorenzo reimagine men’s bespoke suiting to fit a modern lifestyle. The result is comfortable and contemporary garments, born from classic savoir-faire.
The marriage of five ranges and textiles has led to more than forty unique creations: the Travel, Gatsby, Qilian, Hunting, Preppy, Imperia, Nara and Baïkal (to name a few). Each jacket expresses the infinite possibility of Couture tailoring — from French cuffs, Mao collars, multiple buttonholes, piped pockets, martingales, and much, much more.

Expansion to Ready-To-Wear

Encouraged by our global community, Lorenzo and Massimo took the logical next step in Cifonelli’s future and prepared a stylish ready-to-wear line. Crafted with total respect for the Maison’s tradition, and personally designed by Massimo and Lorenzo, the RTW collection is an outlet for their exciting creative ideas — crafted in the image of our exclusive luxury bespoke.
This happened over a number of years of strategic planning, choosing the best craftsmen, materials, and of course, defining the patterns. Harking back to our roots, many of our carefully-selected suppliers are Italian. Like the bespoke Couture line, the major part of the sleeve section is handmade, too.
New and modern, with the familiar luxury our customers adore, the ready-to-wear collection is now deeply- rooted in the Cifonelli DNA.